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27-29 January 2023

This winter, from January 27 to 29, we invite you to the heart of medieval city Rennes, to discover the warmth of Blues made in BZH!

Breizh Blues Invasion – the biggest and the oldest blues Festival in Brittany! For the 8th time it’s going to welcome people from different parts of France and not only!

What to expect


  • 4 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced+
  • 6 hours per level: 4h of partnered blues, 2h of solo blues


  • 2 main parties with live bands
  • 1 after-party


  • 2 live bands per evening
  • Two Men in Blues
  • Morvan Leray
  • Sweet Screaming Jones quartet

Comp & Shows

  • Open Mix & Match
  • Cabaret

The teachers

Nico et Alina | Breizh Blues Invasion 2023

Nico & Alina

Classes with Nicolas and Alina – a fascinating blend of French charm and Slavic austerity – are ultimately a joyful encounter, where everyone laughs and feels free to express themselves! Smiles and passion always there, they like to share their knowledge in a relaxed and good mood!

We can nevertheless count on Alina and her love of rigor to keep the course and serious, and on the historical digressions of Nico (graduate in history) to travel and learn while having fun! They had the opportunity to teach together “at home” (in France and Belarus), but also abroad, where they both won prizes in competitions, separately and as a couple.

Many years of experience across Europe and the discovery of different visions, techniques and teaching methods strengthen their partnership, enrich it, and constantly inspire them with new projects!

Nico & Alina on Instagram:

George et Maria | Breizh Blues Invasion 2023

George & Maria

George and Maria are passionate blues dance lovers and educators.

Maria started dancing at a very early age, coming from ballroom and latin backgound and eventually discovering vernacular jazz and blues dances in 2013. She is well-known not only for her high teaching skills, but also for her captivating performances!

George has been dancing blues for over 10 years. Being a blues and jazz musician, in his dance classes he works a lot with rhythms, phrasing, and music interpretation.

Maria and George always encourage their students to delve into improvisational interaction between each other and with the musicians, just the way it happens on the dance floor, and place high value on history and cultural context of the dance!

Maria and George are based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Edmilson et Luisa | Breizh Blues Invasion 2023

Edmilson & Luisa

Born and raised in the São Tome and Principe Islands, Edmilson da Cruz Botelho has always lived surrounded by music. His rhythm builds on the African traditional dances that he has learned while in his home country, including usôa, puíta, funaná, kadance (kizomba), and semba. At the age of 17, Edmilson moved to Porto, and soon after that, he discovered Lindy Hop and Blues. His passion for dance led him to become a Lindy Hop and Blues teacher. For him, dance is all about feeling, groove and joy.

Luisa is passionate about dancing since she was a child. Her adventure in the world of American dances started with Tap dancing in 2006 and soon after with Lindy Hop, in 2007.
She has moved through different dance styles, partner and solo, since body movement is really her passion: Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Tap dancing, Modern Jazz, Blues, Balboa, Shag, Boogie Woogie, Contemporary Dance, and really, if there is music playing, you can find her dancing to any style.
Since 2014, she found Blues and completely fell in love with this dance language. What she values the most about it is a strong connection with the Music, with the partner, and with herself, and using her body as a musical instrument and as a way of expressing herself fully.


This year we have prepared 4 different levels for you!
Please read the descriptions carefully to choose the most suitable for you.

Level 1

You discovered blues dancing recently and you now want to learn or improve your basics to be able to enjoy your social dances during the parties. Welcome on board!

Level 2

You have been dancing blues for about one year, you regularly take local classes and you’re comfortable with applying the basic movements and steps to different rhythms.

Level 3

It has been about two years since you discovered the world of blues dancing and you’re starting to feel confident about your lead/follow skills. You regularly take blues classes or workshops and you’re now looking to explore the subtleties of the dance.

Level 4

You are a confident blues dancer, who loves to play with rhythm and musicality, you are capable of improvising in your own style. You often participate in workshops and/or festivals and you’re looking for new inspiration for your dance.

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Prices & Registration

Full Pass

For the levels 2,3 or 4

6h of classes


Beginner Pass

For level 1

6h of classes


Party Pass

3 parties


Registration on this Google Form: